Four Friday

April 10, 2015

Spring Wardrobe Ideas: Four beautiful essential spring pieces.

Everybody loves a good Friday five, but since I have this overwhelming habit of being different for the sake of being different, I shall share one less thing just before the weekend.  Because its Four Friday!

Anyway, these are my picks.  They're not overwhelming.  Its just four things that would really spring up my current wardrobe and send my serotonin up up up!   I know what you're thinking.  Jeans?  Charity, jeans aren't really a 'spring has sprung' type of clothing item.  And I hear you.  They aren't.  They are a basic.  But I am really bad at having a pair of 'regular' blue jeans.  I always end up with coloured jeans or super light faded jeans with super stylin' rips and snags because they be the ones on sale!  Even Reece thinks I'm in desperate need of some good blue jeans.  

So I have been looking and in my travels about the internet, (thanks to A Pair and A Spare) I found this site that has the most glorious elevated basics but won't ship to Canada (because duh.  its amazing).  I'm hopeful that stalking them enough and sending daily, harassing emails will make them let me buy a silk tank and a pair of japanese denim jeans just to shut me up.  I'm no quitter.

Just a PSA: I think number three could possibly be a maternity dress.  But who the Jeff cares?  Its beautiful.

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  1. lol. the maternity dress. But you are right. it is oh so pretty. Also, I really want those sandals. Sandal love.

    1. I'm convinced I could rock the maternity dress. Just saying. :P They make baby sizes of those sandals too! As if I didn't need another excuse to demand they take my money.


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