17/52 Piper's First Birthday

April 29, 2015

Oh my goodness, as you could probably discern from Saturday's post, marking the passage of one year with our darling girl was causing... some feels.  Very very epic feels.  The day itself was comprised of one slightly epic fail, and all other remaining parts absolutely spot on overflowing happiness.

Lets get the fail right out of the way.  Our beloved brunch spot just down the road has changed ownership, and unfortunately not for the better.  We sensed the difference right away.  Reece's first words to me as we were waiting (awhile) to be seated were:
"Babe, we need to give it a chance.  Just because its different, doesn't mean we can't love it."
I feel he may have picked up on the disappointment rising up into my tear ducts.  I can't pretend I'm that petty ALL the time regarding the trivial (the texts I send my friends on a variety of subjects would contradict that statement HARD, I wave it off) but it was my baby girl's first birthday and we wanted to spend it like we always spend Sunday - In our brunch place, with the kind staff who always greeted us and paid special attention to Piper and food we came to know and love.  This was supposed to make up for the fact that we're a little lonely in this city with none of our family close by to help conjure up fanfare and festivity.  So the menu changes and the less than accomodating staff were a small kick in the nuts.
Conclusion: we won't be frequenting said brunch spot for awhile.  Time is needed for this wound to heal and, quite honestly, a breakfast hash is NOT worth 14 dollars if it does not come with toast.  Alright, I said it.  Consider it said.

Another thing I want to get out of the way.  This birthday cake?  It came from a grocery store FOR FREE!  Apparently every baby turning one year old here is entitled to a cake with his or her name on it to mark the occasion.  Thank you thrifty's.  My oven, nor my baking spirit was up to the task of baking a cake this week so the perk was an honest godsend.  My inner idealist was crying bitter, salty tears of guilt and shame for having not made my daughter her first birthday cake, but then I got over it.  Because the day was actually that fun.
The morning started with a happy birthday and a pretty dress.  We opened presents (she loved the indestructible books and finger puppets) sang songs, skyped family overseas... it was so good.

Then brunch, which Piper still thoroughly relished, despite my misgivings about the whole situation.

The cake part?  I think that always ends up being a little bit awkward.  Candles.  On top of a cake.  With a one year old.  How is it that we somehow irrationally believe that they will sit looking so pleased and grateful for this stunning visual display and not try to touch the dancing flames?  Its amazing to me.  But we do it.

Girlfriend didn't love the cake.  She mostly just threw it around.  Perhaps she's not a sweet tooth?  I'm equal parts relieved and horrified.
Thanks for reading this far.  As your reward, this is my attempt at a replica photo precisely one year apart.  Reece declined to remove his shirt for authenticity, you have my sincerest apologies.

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