April 15, 2015

Last week was the discovery of hugs for Piper (haven't caught it on proper big camera yet, though).  She dishes out the snuggles left, right and centre to all the stuffed animals in her collection.  In her most special, tender moments there are kisses, too, with the occasional eye poke here and there just to remind them that she still isn't one year old yet.
More pictures after the jump.

Another fun fact about last week is that we went to the petting zoo!  Piper is the wrong age for it because she would rather be eating the poop-filled dirt and crawling around with the goats and bunnies.  I, however, would rather her stay clean and just observe with careful consideration and awe.  Perhaps in another 6 months or so we will meet halfway and at least no poops will be eaten that day.  Hopefully.  In the meantime, eating burgers from the drive in in the Beacon Hill park and having fries stolen by various birds is fine by us.

Thanks for stopping by.  Whew.  I can't believe I'm this far into the year without a huge gap in my weekly photos.  Its unprecedented for me.

Photos of me thanks to Katrina Massey

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