Post-Weekend Post.

May 05, 2015

 This was a long weekend for us because tax season ending means giving the office our left bum cheek to smooch.  Although the CRA have dropped the ball this year like a red hot potato -technically the deadline won't actually happen until next week- work still closed Friday and we pretended to be totally fancy free.  There should have been more accomplishing going on, I won't lie.  Some smells coming from my kitchen, I don't even want to google them.  If Siri could smell and wasn't wholeheartedly useless, she might suggest some very nice motor inns in the area for alternative accommodation.  You get the picture, my house needs love.
Speaking of love, though, the weekend would have just slipped by had I spent all my time being practical and missing the sunshine walks and itty bitty road trips involving hot fudge sundaes.

I swear I don't try to crossdress my girl on purpose.  I just put together an outfit that I would probably wear and everyone we meet calls her a boy.  Looking back at these pics I kind of don't blame them at times... dressing a baby is tougher than it sounds, believe it or not.
Island View Beach is where we ended up when we set off for a car seat nap with Piper, armed with our Mcdonalds ice cream treats and some Kindermusik tunes.  We use the time to talk, plan and keep tabs on each other.  This part is intense.  The baby, the post-grad, the job... its overwhelming at times when the day feels like it should just be setting up nicely and its over.  Like today, I just started getting in my groove with editing and cleaning and then bam.  Its 10PM.  
I did get such a delightful hour to sweep and mop in peace today (now yesterday) thanks to a very good friend and this nifty double bike trailer (similar one if you want a visual).   The village wins in the end.  C'est magnifique.

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