Story Sunday

May 03, 2015

Nurturing came easy to her somehow. The sickly sweet musk of scented diapers that masked odours unspeakable hung in the air like mist.  The tiny, pink creature moved; with slow and jerky motions, he scanned the world around him. The girl watched intently; straining with her minimal height to improve her vantage point.  For a reason unknown, she wanted to hold him and feel his wrinkly skinned fingers grasp her own.  In her arms, he was heavier than he looked; his head like a pool ball covered in the furry, delicate skin of a horse's nose pulled her own thin arms toward the earth.  It was overwhelming, taking in his helplessness.  
It was the first time the little girl held a baby.  An instinct inside her to protect, nurture and love was ignited.  She wanted to understand and observe these tiny creatures as much as possible.  To learn their clumsy, mysterious ways was never boring or tedious.  The only make-believe game she enjoyed was one involving a life like doll and an old velcro cloth diaper with blankets, a yellow dress, and a small wooden cradle.  To her, this didn't particularly count as make believe because it reflected something she knew could be real.  Something she would have for her very own one day.
Children would never become dogs, cats or horses; but with enough time, one day they become grown up.  

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