May 06, 2015

This past week is a fog in my memory.  Tax deadlines are a real thing here and, although I am the mom half of our family and don't ever touch a T1, tax season is a pain in my ass.  Because my day normally carries the illusion of 'ending' when my husband comes home at around 6 or 7, him only returning after 8 or 9pm really grates my carrots.

 You could be thinking "Oh, but honestly what difference does an hour or two make?"  

It is a particularly important hour or two in which a tiny person transitions from being a conscious, formidable annoyance, to being asleep and deliciously silent.  That golden space of time takes a lot of work and carries with it a sense of time never ending while simultaneously having all the blood drained from your body while you flail about trying to empty the dishwasher while BomBom is strapped into the high chair.  This is why having someone else to listen to the crankiness and share in the foul but entertaining antics of an exhausted one year old just makes it...bearable.  Trudging through that kind of terrain on your own is less than ideal at best.  Again, I'm sure I've said it before here but, SINGLE MOTHERS ARE MY HEROES.  I don't know how you do it every day and I feel like a sissy just thinking about it. 
With that, here are this week's pictures.  

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