June 03, 2015

Its Wednesday!  Weekly portrait day. Three cheers for getting this done!  Today, again will be only one portrait.  Working on the new site and going through old work (broken record, I know) has taken up more of my time than has getting out there and taking a bunch of cute pictures of my baby girl.  We're officially almost half way through 2015... can't believe this year is just rushing by.  

So, in order to stay in the moment, let me give you a rundown of what Piper is up to these days.

1.  She can walk.  She chooses to not walk most of the time because she is somehow intellectually superior to the concept.  She does love to drag myself and Reece around completely not requiring us for stability, but moral support and, quite possibly, she enjoys being in the drivers seat of the situation.  No idea where she would get such a notion.

2. Knows the pronoun 'she' means we're talking about her.  As soon as we use this word, I can see her little ears pricking and her face stares at us with a blank absorption.  I hope I'm saying enough positive things.  Sometimes I just need to vent about her whining me to the point of locking myself in the bathroom or pooping all over her crib to Reece when he comes home.  Please don't take it personally, baby girl.  All kids do these things.  You're way better than other kids when you're nice, just PS.

3.  She rocks out to music she likes.  I'm desperate to get this on video and you will definitely see it when I do.  She bobs her little head up and down whenever my phone rings (the song is President Obama singing "Call Me Maybe", which is fantastic, BTW.)

4.  This is a list of things Piper calls "DaDa":
   - Herself
   - Reece
   - Almost everything else

5. "Mama" only makes an appearance when she's whining or when I'm going to the bathroom and have the nerve to shut the door and preserve some of my dignity.

6.  "Baba" I think this means milk.  When my parents were here I was lying down in the living room and Piper passed by me telling my dad "Baba, Mwa" and blowing a kiss in my direction.  Since ceasing breastfeeding "Baba" now refers to the milk in bottles.

7.  She tries to put shoes on her own feet.  Any size shoes, which is painfully adorable.

8.  Loves dresses and playing "Boo" with them. Perhaps starting a game that involves her immediately lifting up her skirt to her face wasn't the greatest habit to cultivate... but we live and learn :/

9. She can get on (AND OFF) the furniture by herself.  All the while mumbling "dada" to herself like a little baby mantra.

10. When she gets off said furniture she makes a "EEEEEEEEEEEEE" noise with the singing sound like she's going down a slide.  Sigh. 

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