Scrubbing the Past

June 01, 2015

I'm going through the archives of my past photography and videography work and they are just laden with memories.  Scrolling and scrubbing through them stings a little, I won't lie.  Makes me take a quick breath, like that first step you take into the sea on a hot day.  You know the cold water is refreshing, but that first sensation makes you feel a little like returning to your beach towel on the warm sand and forgetting all about it.

But I dove straight in to my South African everything these past days.  It feels good, even though I'm haunted a little by the missing of it all.  The people, the good times, the hot Durban air.  I remember when I was there I missed the smell of the west coast... all those trees and water.  But living here, I miss the heat that surrounds you and makes you feel a little faint if you haven't hydrated properly.  So there it is.  My heart will always burn for something yonder.  It is both blessing and curse.

Stay tuned for the new website launch!  I'm working hard - hence the blogging schedule being bumped around a little - between tears riddled with reminiscing.  Being a sap is exhausting work.

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