July 08, 2015

 There are times when all we can hope for is that this season will pass as swiftly as possible.

Other times we long for time to stand absolutely still for it feels as though our fingers are fumbling to grasp its slippery edges.  Right now, though, I'm glad for it to carry on as usual.  I like this stage, I won't lie.  Having a toddler is much less stressful, to me, than a crawling/cruising babe.  But I'm happy for everything to move forward.  For more new words and accomplishments.  She just seems so much more sure of herself from the higher vantage point of walking upright.  Every step charges her with another hit of confidence, pride and a dash of mischief.  I'm loving the person she's becoming; though I know she will change a dozen more times in the next few years.  The tantrums have started.  God knows I was dreading that, but its not as bad as I thought it would be.  I find whining way worse than tantrums.  At least they're a bit entertaining.  The comedy of a child so dramatically expressing absolute horror and disdain can be a popcorn moment if you forget what people think and just let it be.  I'm waiting for it to happen in a grocery store though... I'm sure my tune will change quickly.

Here we are.  Past the half way point in the year.  Thanks for coming back every week to see my evolving photography skills and observe the ever changing Piper.  Mwa.

New thing this week:  Piper buckled herself in to her high chair and continues to obsess over opening and closing anything that lends itself to being opened and/or closed.  Also we think she is left handed.

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