No Idea / 52

September 15, 2015

Here are some pictures.  I have nothing eloquent to say because I'm at starbucks, listening to some busy jazz which skats the brains right out of my skull.  I enjoy it.  But it isn't conducive to successful cognition on my part.  I'm just thinking about a thousand different things I need to do, desperate to get back to my loves at home.   Here are some pictures of Piper.  I have been taking them but my queue for editing this summer's shoots is longer than my goofy arms.  How do people do all of this?!?!?!  HELP!  I feel like I've been working from the moment I open my eyes (aka the moment I have a sip of coffee, because lets be real, its only official wake-time when its caffeinated at this point) to the moment I decide its time to sleep.

Anyone out there who has their sh*t together, please send me an email and give me all the answers.

In the meantime.

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