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May 03, 2017

Pregnancy, Potty Training, Photography... The three Ps.

Remember this blog?  Well it shall RISE AGAIN like a phoenix from the ashes and I can't wait to start writing more.  For now, how funny is this post from last summer when I was pregnant and potty training Piper?  I had fun reading it so I figured perhaps you will too.  


Hello dear friends.  Really you must be dear friends if you are still keeping up with this blog because I've dropped it like a  h o t   p o t a t o  in the last year.  Jumped back into work after Pipes turned 1 and I have to say it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The pressure, the schedule... I'm certain most mothers who work from home, outside the home or moonlight as (fill in the blank) on top of meeting the needs that arise when you procreate can relate to the need to give a few things up.  Maybe not forever.  But for now they had to get off my to do list and this blog was one of them.

If you're looking for an update on life currently, I can tell you something obvious that any weather website could reveal... its HOT.  I'm HOT.  Expecting our second baby in October, I didn't really consider the ramifications of spending the vast majority of my second and third trimesters in the blistering heat of our third floor apartment.  I want fall.  I want a cool breeze.  And I am not one of those girls that is all "can't wait for pumpkin spiced latte season with scarves and hats and etc etc etc..."  I think those people are stupid every other year (CLEARLY spring is the best season.  I don't know how anyone could ever come to another conclusion).  But this year I'm jumping on the latte-scarf-hat bandwagon.  I drew a pumpkin when Piper and I were colouring yesterday because my subconscious is begging the seasons to change.  Comeon drizzley rain.  I miss your face.

32 weeks in I am pretty much feeling... just hot.  Tired and hot. Tired, hot and large.  

We're not finding out the gender of this baby before the birth, which definitely delivers a totally different experience pregnancy-wise.  I feel less reality surrounding the impending arrival of a new human, but also more in tune with the mystery of it all.  Our family could be all girls or we could be looking at potty training a little boy in two and a half years and all those tips I happily ignore right now could be my focus.  Who knows?  Its still 50/50 until Thanksgiving (or beyond if he/she wants to emulate big sister's arrival a week late)

Speaking of potty training.  Holy balls that was a crazy ride.  I never knew my emotions could fluctuate so hard based on the where and when of a two year old's waste elimination.  She peed in the potty: I was amazing at potty training and my child was a scholar.  She peed in her pants or on the floor: She was a clueless idiot and I was messing everything up and I would be forever washing the floor, her sheets and 4 pairs of pants each and every day stretching into eternity.  Thankfully, one of the days in accordance with one of the great mysteries of the universe, she just got it and went on her own and that is that.  Except for bringing the dumb little potty everywhere and continually reminding her where it is in case she needs it.  Baby steps.  She will get there.

I had considered waiting till after the baby to potty train Piper because I was worried about regression but that was a really misguided notion because how is the logic of potty training with two kids any easier than potty training with one?  That can't be right.  

I listened to Oh Crap Potty Training by Jackie Glowacki as an audiobook and it was the most informative out of all the resources I tried to collect on my own via the internet and other people's advice.  Potty training, like labour and childbirth, is something that everyone (with biological children) does but nobody really remembers in any kind of helpful capacity because its honestly traumatizing and then SUPER rewarding.  I'm convinced that a professional potty trainer is the only person I trust to keep it real with regards to how that shhhhtuff works.  Hence the book.  If you're thinking of potty training soon, give it a read or listen.

So that is all, folks.  Tomorrow I shoot a very special wedding video as it is both my last project before this baby comes and this bride actually shot our wedding video so I'm very grateful for the opportunity to return the favour.  Maybe if this baby comes like 3 weeks late I'll get it done before the birth and share.  Otherwise it will be a 'lets see how this goes' type of situation juggling two babes and photography projects.  I predict I'll be in family only mode for a good many months and work will have to slowly inch back in between two tiny people depending on me.  I have no idea how this shakes out.  Maybe I'll get around to posting more?  Maybe you'll just see a birth announcement in two months?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Lets just enjoy the rest of the summer and leave it at that.


A few fun things:
1. Birth Announcement still to come 6 months in (facepalm)
2. I'm still figuring out mothering two, so I'm not working as yet.  But as nature awakens in spring, so does my hunger for industry.  I'm unsure... but I'm dwelling in the uncertainty with as much grace and gratitude as I can muster.

Also note that there will be some changes to the look and name of this blog as well as the content.  I'm so excited for this, but please bear with me as whittle away at it when my kids are asleep :)

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