June 23, 2017

I tried this thing for about 15 days called the Wake30.  I made it up.

It was an attempt to push my night owl ways into the early hours of a morning lark.  My alarm would ring at 6am every day for 30 days and I would publish a dark, blurry photo of my morning face timestamped on my instagram stories.  The accountability worked wonders for my minimalism game; so why not use it for something else constructive?

Big surprise:  I loved the actual waking up.  There is something truly sweet about the morning air and light - as much as I would like to hate it... I just can't.

Then, as I sat down with my hot beverage at around 6:07am... I would hear the dreaded wake up grunts rise from the babies' room next to me.  My heart would drop and my job began a full 30-90 minutes earlier than usual.  This went on for days and it wasn't ok.

So I quit because I'm not an idiot.  Just currently working out a way to soundproof my home/kids' room with some soft rugs and wall hangings so I can self-care in peace.

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